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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join The Cavalier Daily?

Any full-time or part-time student at the University of Virginia, including graduate students.  


Do I need to have journalism experience? Do I need to be a Media Studies major? 

No! We don’t expect anyone to have journalism experience, whether that’s writing, taking photos, making graphics or selling advertisements. We just want to know that you’re ready and willing to make the time commitment and learn. At the University, our staffers participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and most of our staff do not plan to pursue journalism post-grad. Your CD experience is what you make it! 

What positions are available? 

All new staffers are hired by The Cavalier Daily as an entry-level staffer (unless you apply for our Website Manager position!) After your first semester on staff, you will be able to apply — and in some cases, run — for leadership positions, including: senior writer, senior associate editor, editor and any of our five Managing Board positions. 


Can I join more than one desk?

Yes! To do so, please indicate that you are interested in joining multiple desks on your application. The only exception to this rule is that you cannot join a subjective literary desk (Opinion, Humor and Cartoon) and any objective literary, operations or business.

How much time can I expect to spend working for The Cavalier Daily as an entry-level staffer?

At a minimum, you should expect to spend at least 2 hours per week on The Cavalier Daily, no matter what desk you join. Please see our desks page for more specifics on what the time commitment looks like for each desk. 


Can I join other clubs and still be a part of The Cavalier Daily?

Yes, so long as they do not violate our non-compete policy. This means that you may not work for competing publications — this includes student publications such as the Declaration and WUVA, but also local newspapers like the Daily Progress and CvilleTomorrow. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Editor in Chief, so don't be afraid to ask.

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