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The Photo team gets full access to the paper’s pro-level DSLRs and lenses. Photographers get the chance to cover a variety of events on Grounds — from basketball games to local concerts, our photographers get passes to get right up to the action. Photographers' work is shared in a variety of formats, including but not limited to the print edition, online articles, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The expected time commitment for Photographers is 2 hours per week.

Social Media

The Social Media section manages and creates content for The Cavalier Daily's various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. We aim to spread our content across the web to reach as wide an audience as possible. This semester, we're looking for bold, innovative, creative self-starters to contribute new strategies and pitch exciting ideas about how to shape, arguably, the most public face of The Cavalier Daily. Any students passionate about social media and content creation are welcomed to apply.

The expected time commitment for Social Media Staffers is 2 hours per week.


The Design desk is in charge of assembling the bi-weekly print newspaper and creating illustrations, vector graphics, infographics and charts for the print and digital paper. All Design Staffers are trained on Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Procreate and Illustrator. Design tries to represent different graphic styles through its work and looks to foster creativity. You don’t need to have previous experience to join Design, and we provide staffers with all of the resources they need to participate.

The expected time commitment for Design Staffers is 2 hours per week.


Video content is one of the most relevant and exciting mediums in news right now, and our goal this semester is to incorporate video throughout the paper and have staffers participate have their own video projects. Ideal candidates have creative ideas for content and experience with video editing or production of some kind (editing, scripting, camerawork, etc.), but none is required to join the section. If you have an interest in creating professional, creative, journalistic content, Video is the right place for you.

The expected time commitment for Video Staffers is 2 hours per week.

Translation (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese)

The Translation desk is looking for people with high proficiency in both Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Junior Translators will translate one article per week, while Senior Translators will translate two articles per week. If you’re interested in practiicng your language skills and making The Cavalier Daily more accessible, Translation is the desk for you!

The expected time commitment for Junior Translators is 2 hours per week.

The expected time commitment for Senior Translators is 3 hours per week.

Website Manager

The Website Manager is supervised directly by the Operations Manager, and oversees maintenance of The Cavalier Daily's website, including making any cosmetic or functional changes. Basic coding skills and/or website management experience is preferred but not required. 

The expected time commitment for the Website Manager is 1 hour per week.

Archival Assistant

The Archival Assistant(s) will assist our current Archivist with a number of projects, including digitization of our collection of physical papers. Archivists are also encouraged to pursue their own projects, such as highlighting unique stories from past issues of The Cavalier Daily. 

The expected time commitment for the Archival Assistants is 1 hour per week.

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