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Subjective Literary


Opinion is searching for new columnists from diverse backgrounds to write about issues facing the University and Charlottesville communities. The Cavalier Daily is read not only by University students and administrators, but also by local residents, state and national politicians, interest groups and national news media, so the potential for influencing public opinion is high. As a columnist, you will choose an area of interest to cover and write about — politics, University life, and student self governance are all fair game. If you want to make the University a better place and find yourself interested in speaking out on issues that you are passionate about, joining the Opinion section can give you that platform!

The expected time commitment for Opinion Columnists is 3 hours per week.


Humor is looking for new columnists to bring some joy and laughter to Grounds and the Charlottesville community. As one of the most creative sections of The Cavalier Daily, Humor staffers have the opportunity to draw inspiration from all around the University and nation, writing pieces on topics ranging from how to "study" for final exams to abolishing the entire University, just to name a few. If you have a passion for making other people laugh and enjoy having more freedom in the subject of your writing, Humor would love to hear from you!

The expected time commitment for Humor Columnists is 2 hours per week.


Cartoon is home to artists of all skill levels, styles, and interests. Our content ranges from satire, to social, to humor to political. If you have an interest in sharing your opinions, experiences, and more through a combination of art and text, Cartoon is for you!

The expected time commitment for Cartoonists is 2 hours per week.

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